What We Do

Jordan Perry has served as the inaugural Healthy Campus Liaison since October 2017. Jordan’s role consists of campus community health promotion, which includes everything from data collection to policy and environmental level change to individual level support. She uses the Healthy Campus 2020 framework to guide her efforts and partners with many campus departments and centers to decrease health disparities and increase wellbeing.

Healthy Campus Coalition

The Healthy Campus Initiative is supported by the Healthy Campus Coalition, a passionate group of 40 staff, faculty, and students dedicated to creating a culture of health at UNC Asheville. The Coalition is made up of two groups, the Leadership Advisory Council (LAC) and four action groups, each devoted to the issues prioritized early in implementation. The goals of each group are listed below.

The Leadership Advisory Council aims to:

  • Listen, advocate, and use their influence on and off campus
  • Act as a repository and filter for information related to core values for the Coalition
  • Bring forward decisions or a need for decisions
  • Liaise with senior campus leadership

The Fitness Action Group aims to:

  • Promote physical activity among students, faculty, staff, and OLLI members
  • Motivate and encourage individuals to be physically active
  • Create/sponsor community-oriented events to encourage physical activity
  • Educate about what fitness options we already offer

The Food Justice and Nutrition Action Group aims to:

  • Promote food justice and nutrition among students, faculty, and staff
  • Identify needs of our campus community in regards to food justice and nutrition issues
  • Help campus community members access resources that can promote healthy eating habits, food justice/nutrition education, and sustainability within the food system
  • Network with the Food Equity Initiative and other on-campus organizations for food justice and nutrition projects/events

The Work/Life Balance Action Group aims to:

  • Promote work/life balance among faculty and staff
  • Create a culture of wellness for faculty and staff members at UNC Asheville
  • Educate employees about the resources they have to practice balance
  • Promote self-awareness, vitality, and productivity

The Mental Health Action Group aims to:

  • Promote mental health among students
  • Reduce stigma associated with help-seeking
  • Educate students about existing resources

Membership in the Coalition is accepted on a rolling basis. Contact Jordan Perry at jperry2@unca.edu for more information.