Be Well: A Healthy Campus Initiative was founded at UNC Asheville in 2017; it is a collaboration of the Department of Health and Wellness, NC Center for Health and Wellness, Student Affairs, and Mission Health and is part of the University’s Strategic Plan. UNC Asheville’s Healthy Campus Initiative is based on Healthy Campus 2020, a national framework from the American College Health Association.

The goals of the Healthy Campus Initiative are to:

  • Promote wellness as a core value of UNC Asheville
  • Gather information to help define wellness as a community
  • Develop strategies for reaching goals
  • Network campus resources

Current Priorities:

  • Mental Health Among Students
  • Nutrition and Food Justice
  • Physical Activity and Fitness
  • Work/Life Balance Among Faculty/Staff

The Healthy Campus Initiative is led by a full time staff member, supported by a variety of campus community members, and staffed by incredible student employees. Projects of the Healthy Campus Initiative include (but aren’t limited to) policy and planning advocacy, data collection, campus wellness and sustainability tours, workshops, faculty/staff fitness classes and health coaching, curriculum infusion, equipping faculty and staff to support students’ mental health, the Food Equity Initiative, building students’ capacity to work in health promotion, and work/life balance support for employees.